Take control of legal.

Docket is transforming legal from a cost center
to a center of excellence. Join us on our mission.

Product Features

Docket’s core functionality enables legal teams small and large to manage and centralize their work.

Advanced Permission Settings

Control what you want team members to see and what you don’t. Flexible settings built with your organization in mind.

Audit Trail

Provide your business with transparency through a complete audit trail on every matter that is created.

Document Library

Access to a centralized repository allowing you to easily find documents without having to frantically search your inbox.

Workflow Management

Keep track of all legal requests automatically in a tool designed for legal. Create, update, and delegate tasks with a single click - all from a singular platform.

Reporting & Analytics

Demonstrate your value to the business with data. Dashboard capabilities to track numerous key performance indicators across the legal department.

Version Controlling

Don’t fret about losing track of the most current document. Utilize automated version control to access prior
copies of documents.

Our Story

In-house legal is an essential function of nearly every business, yet legal teams are often thought of as bottlenecks and cost-centers. Organizations today have numerous solutions to help drive efficiency in other departments, but the legal team has frequently relied on manual, fragmented tools such as spreadsheets, pen and paper, email, and file storage. Working in corporate settings, our founders often partnered with the in-house legal department to review and execute deals and learned about the daily frustrations faced by in-house attorneys and legal operations professionals. A few months later, Docket was born to make the in-house legal team’s life easier.